Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Choosing A Name for Baby

   Before I found out the sex of my baby, I was focusing primarily on boy names. I didn't come up with much, only narrowing my choices down to about 2-3 names. How easy that was, because there was very few boy names that I liked. Then, I moved onto picking out girl names and boy oh BOY, how tough it was! It's very easy to compile a list of girl names for some reason. My list I had was VERY long. I had at the least, 20 names that sounded good to me. Having a long list of girl names made it no easier to pick just one, it only made deciding that much harder.
   Once I knew I was having a girl, I had to do some major narrowing down of my list. I want the name I choose to have a meaning, but also sound good as well. So I went through each name, picturing how it would sound for me to call her, "Hope", "Sophia" or "Schuyler". When I did narrow it down to the names I liked, OH was opposed to them. That made this whole name picking business that much harder! He suggested some that I didn't like as well, as they were too common. His family also had their suggestions and dislikes of names, and mine did too. That made it no easier on the both of us, so we chose to accept their suggestions, but not care so much if they didn't like a name that we did.
   So after a while of going back and forth, both of us saying no to the others suggestions, we finally decided we would go the route of doing the "name-to-face". So now, I really don't have to narrow down much! When she arrives, we'll go through each name, to see which one fits her. It can be a little stressful at times, trying to find the perfect name for baby, and one that OH will like as well. OH and I don't have much to debate about now that we decided we'd wait until she gets here.


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