Friday, November 9, 2012

No more Herky-Jerky

   Fortunately, for this be my first pregnancy, I have minimal complaints. Not too much going on.. but if I had to complain, I would swear I'm like a fire breathing dragon at times! Angry, no. Heartburn, yes. Besides that, there's one other symptom of pregnancy that can get very annoying and that is RLP: Round Ligament Pain. A few months into my pregnancy and I noticed my pelvis started to get very achy, usually upon waking and "attempting" to get out of bed. I had to sit up and move very slowly, one leg at a time until I was out of bed, to avoid yelping out in pain. Turning in bed and changing positions during the night was also very painful. So I started working out. I was active on and off before I became pregnant. My regimen consisted of Zumba dancing, Turbo Fire workouts, and everything in between.
   So I started my Zumba back up, making sure I wasn't going full paced like I usually do, keeping my heart rate at a reasonable level for baby's sake. So the morning after my workout, I woke up, swung my legs out of bed. "Hm? No pain?" I thought. I was surprised, so I started to walk. Still no pain. "Thank GOODNESS!" I said to my self. Working out solved my pain problem, and made me feel less lazy, haha. These days I workout at least five times a week, still dancing with my big belly, and it keeps me energized and feeling good. There are certain moves I wish I could do but I have to remember:

-Consult with your doctor first, before starting your exercise regimen

-Starting at week 19, no flat on your back positions, upside-down "bicycles," shoulder stands, deep-knee bends, back bends, jumping, bouncing, or herky-jerky dancing

-Workout at a pace that you are able to carry on a conversation, if you can't speak normally while exercising, you're over doing it. Pace yourself.

-Stretch before and after workouts

-Stay plenty hydrated

-Stop exercising if you notice: dizziness, a headache, shortness of breath, chest pain, abdominal pain, or vaginal bleeding. If these continue after you've stopped exercising, call your healthcare provider.

   I feel that if I stay active during my pregnancy, I'm definitely going to have an easier time getting back into shape and remaining active after as well. Another helpful pain  and stress reliever is YOGA. It's my best friend right now. I was into yoga as well on and off before pregnancy, and so when I found I have these aches and pains, yoga is what I turn to for quick relief. Currently, I'm sticking to basic poses, mostly anything to relieve pelvic pain. It feels incredible, even if you don't have any pain!


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