Thursday, November 8, 2012

Time Flies!

So in the last four months, I haven't been up too much surprisingly. Not too much to complain about, just trying to stay healthy and active during this pregnancy, and afterwards of course. So let's see ..

October 3rd:
  I received a call a couple weeks before that had me worried up until the day of my scheduled anatomy scan of the baby. I was shown that there was an elevated level of AFP and that there was a chance that my baby might have spina bifida. I went to the hospital to get the anatomy scan on the baby and also to find out the gender. Exciting, yet nerve wrecking, seeing as OH and I were rooting for a boy.
  So there I was, lying on the table, as the U.T. began going over my belly. "Do you want to know if it's a girl or a boy?" OH and I said yes immediately. "Boy, boy, boy, boy, boy" I kept repeating in my head, I know OH was doing the same. "Looks like a little girl." the tech said. I had mixed emotions at first. Before I was seen, I kind of started hoping for a girl and thinking of all the pros of having a girl, just so I wouldn't be as disappointed if it turned out I was in fact having a girl instead. A little girl. Hm.
  Then I started to think about the spina bifida test results. The U.T. had gone over every part of her body and hadn't mentioned anything that she saw out of the ordinary of a healthy baby girl. Turns out, someone had mixed up my due date, so the results ended up being WRONG. That, was a relief. After my appointment, I went back to pondering the idea of a girl. OH sighed as we stared out of the window of hospital. "Now I'm gonna have to be a mean, protective, father to keep the boys away." he said. I agreed on that. Out of everything, that was the one thing I worried about.
  As long as it's been, that's about the best highlight of the past months. More to come!


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